The Grumpy Mermaids is an illustration series based on my sketches from figure drawing sessions. I started this project on a rainy day in West Cornwall back in 2015 when I was looking through a pile of drawings and, absent-mindedly, began giving the unfinished ones tails while I thought about what to do next. It turns out that they make me smile, despite looking so grumpy, and I love imagining the stories behind each one. These characters were not always mermaids - they are actually people who have been sent to the deepest part of the ocean for a whole load of different reasons and are still there now, contemplating what happened. They can be found adorning themselves with various sea creatures and bits of rubbish they find floating around, although many of them just sleep a lot.
The Grumpy Mermaids have moved around a bit. They've travelled from Cornwall to the south of Portugal and are now in Tasmania - that's 12,668 miles! They will be available to dull down your walls again once they've got over the fact that they have to do winter twice in a row this year. 
Millie x

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